Corporate in-house and other training programs

To be a proactive actor on the global stage today, it is necessary not just to speak English, but also to be able to convey your opinions and information logically and confidently at international meetings and negotiations, so that you can persuade your interlocutors.
ESUJ has been commissioned to undertake such training programs to foster these communication skills for mid-career civil servants and for managers of foreign-affiliated companies. ESUJ-registered instructors have been dispatched with remunerations to carry out these programs.
Contents of programs
The contents of these programs are customized in accordance with the requirements of the institutions/corporations that commission such work to ESUJ. You can begin by practicing speeches (Figure 1), and next move on to discussions with multiple participants(Figure 2). Then you can also practice parliamentary debate (impromptu debate patterned after the deliberations in the British Parliament), which is the most effective means of fostering overall communication skills. (See Figure 3 and “Why parliamentary debate?”.) Through these trainings you can nurture the guts, the sense of speed and the reflex that will make you battle-ready for tough business negotiations.
Parliamentary Debate (Impromptu Debate)
Why parliamentary debate ?
Art of persuasion encompassing all of the following skills

・Speaking skills
Speaking your opinion accurately, concretely and in an easy-to-understand manner

・Listening skills
Listening and comprehending the other person’s speech accurately

・Reading skills
Reading to acquire broad-based knowledge in order to foster correct judgement

・Writing skills
Writing bullet-point notes for presentations/speeches and taking notes as discussion goes on

・Logical, critical thinking skills
Thinking logically, making decisions systematically, identifying and solving problems

・Presentation skills
Humor, eye contact, body language


Curriculums for training courses can be arranged flexibly, ranging from speech and discussion practices to parliamentary debate practices, in accordance with the needs, English language proficiency of the participants and the time and budget available for such courses. Some sample curriculums are laid out below.

Lesson Plans:
1. One day (6 hour) <Debate Training>   
2. 3 Lessons (90 minute lesson x 3) <Public Speaking and Debate Training Course>  
3. 6 Lessons (90 minute lesson x 6) <Public Speaking and Debate Training Course>  

If you are interested in commissioning such courses to ESUJ, we advise you to kindly contact the ESUJ Office. We will be happy to discuss possible arrangements.

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