ESUJ’s activities fall under the following three pillars
Fostering global communicators
Introducing Japanese opinions abroad
<Fundraising Campaign> 
Three-year Program for “Fostering Global Communicator Human Resources” was approved by the Council for Better Corporate Citizenship (a subsidiary body of Keidanren, CBCC) as an International Cooperation Project under its aegis, which would grant tax deductions to monetary donations. (English page will be coming soon. Click here. Jump to Japanese page.)

To prevent further spread of the coronavirus infection, 
ESUJ has also decided to apply this "work from home" policy in principle to its secretariat work.

During this period, please contact by e-mail
We would appreciate your understanding and co-operation, and ask you to take utmost care of your health. 

【Face-to-face Event】 
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<Parliamentary Debate Experience>
Model Debate and Workshops by British Champion Debaters

in Utsunomiya
■2023/03/29 Wed. 13:15-17:00
Section 1:Model Debate  1:15 - 2:45 pm
Section 2:Seminars          3:00 - 5:00 pm
Section 1           1,000 yen (includes Handouts)
Section 1 & 2  3,000 yen (includes Handouts)