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ESUJ would like to extend its sincere condolences to all those affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.
We pray for a fast recovery of the affected areas.



New ESUJ Facebook Page (2015.10.30)


ESUJ Event Evening Gala 2016
Wednesday, 25th May 18:30-20:30
Dr. Miyabi Bando: A master of the Bando School of classical Japanese dance, who will perform ‘Echigojishi’ for us.

@WAKATAKE at Meiji Kinenkan


ESUJ Debate Club for Adults 
the ESUJ Adults (Shakaijin )Debate Club.
Join Free
Next Program: Practicing Session
@Olympic Center
(2016, July 2nd, 18:30-21:30)
<Apply now!>

ESUJ 2016 Special Lecture
Dr. Aftab Seth
ESUJ Honorable President
Former Indian Ambassador to Japan
"Half a Century:
My Connections with Japan"

Wednesday, 30th March 19:00-20:30
@ Japan National Press Club


<Important Notice>
ESUJ Debate 2016

Date: Satruday, November 12th, 2016
Venue: Olympic Center

Details will be noticed on ESUJ website & facebook.


Ambassador Masamichi Hanabusa, Emeritus Chairman of the Engish-Speaking Union of Japan, recently published a book in Japanese entitled
"Shin Heiwa Kenpou no Susume Soshite Nihon wa Dokoe (Proposal toward a New Peace Constitution - Whither Japan?"
(Soshihsa Publishing Company, ¥1,944).
He addresses this topic of contemporary importance on the basis of his insight garnered through many years of experience at home and abroad. It is rich in content and eminently readable.
For details:Click

*The Daiwa Foundation
Julie Brook Public Talk in Tokyo at Midori-so2 Gallery

DATE: Tues. May 24, Drinks at   6:30pm / Presentation at 7:00pm

bilingual version20160516_Julie Brook Public Talk in Tokyo

* Foreign Press Center Japan Click
Foreign Press Center Japan provides useful links in English and Japanese.

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NHK WORLD Radio Program
Once Upon a Time in Japan Special


ESUJ Board of Directors etc.
(As of June 2015)


An Album Corner
It provides a visual introduction of our activities.(Update: February 5, 2009)


ESUJ Talk Salon #5
(ESUJ members)

Wednesday, 9th, March 14:30-16:00
Haiku on the Sky of Romanian Literature
Guest: Mr. Radu - Petru SERBAN, Ph.D. Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Romania to Japan


ESUJ Event ConversationSeries
“Enhancing Ties through Languages and Soft Power”

Friday, 19th February 18:30-20:30
Mr. Matt Burney
Director, British Council Japan and Cultural Affairs Counsellor,
British Embassy in Tokyo



ESUJ 2016 New Year's Lecture
Mr. Mark Davidson
(Director, Government & External Affairs, Amway Japan G.K.,
Former Minister-Counselor for Public Affairs, U.S. Embassy, Tokyo)
Wednesday, 27th January 19:00-20:30
@ Japan National Press Club


ESUJ Event 
ESUJ Christmas Party!
@Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan, Media Room

Friday, 18th December 18:30-20:30


ESUJ Eigo wo Manabu Series  
(ESUJ members) (in English)
'Welcome to
the World of Reading Aloud'

Guest: Ms. Yuko Aotani
@ Ginza

Friday, 27th November 19:00-20:30



ESUJ Outing 
Visiting “Mogi-Honke Museum of Art” &
“Kikkoman Soy Sauce Museum”
Saturday, 21st November 10:30-15:30

Meeting Place:Ticket Gate at Nodashi Station, Tobu Noda Line

ESUJ Outing is coming back! Thanks to the courtesy of Mr. Shichizaemonn Mogi, Director of ESUJ and the 13th descendant of the Mogi Head Family, we have organized a field trip to visit “Mogi-Honke Museum of Art” & “Kikkoman Soy Sauce Museum” in Noda City, Chiba.


ESUJ Special Event
Discover Ireland:
Visiting the Irish Embassy

Wednesday, 28th October 14:00-16:00
Her Excellency Mrs. Anne Barrington



Univesity Debating Competition 2015

Date: 3rd & 4th October

@ Olympic Center
University of Tokyo 1
(Yasufumi Tozuka and Fumiko Hirasawa)
won the first prize! Congratulations!


<Results> ESUJ Debate 2015 --
English Debating Competition
for Shakaijin (Adults)

Sunday, 21st June@ Eiken Foundation
Beauty Book
(IKEUCHI Masashi & AKIMOTO Kazumi) won the First Prize! Congratulations!!


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Roudoku Club
 --Reading Aloud Japanese Classics in English--
(ESUJ Members)

Next Meeting:
Monday, 20th June 12:15-13:15
Text: Own Text
Ms. Yuko Aotani (former NHK WORLD) will share technics of reading aloud and presentations.


"Japan in Their Own Words"
Latest contributions HERE   PDF  
(PDF: About this column)

ESUJ presents this column under our policy, "undertake activity which entails the sending of information overseas from Japan for the purpose of furthering international mutual understanding". Some 100 influential writers have consented to contribute to this column on a voluntary basis. (PDF: About this column)

We must rethink all our basic assumptions on a global scale.NEW
---ONO Goro
June 28, 2016

Japan Needs Strategic Thinking to Resolve its Territorial Dispute with RussiaNEW
---MATSUO Fumio
June 28, 2016

More wreath-laying diplomacy should follow Obama’s visit to HiroshimaNEW
---MATSUO Fumio
June 21, 2016

Japanese Youth Embracing Diverse Values and Lifestyles
---ANDO Yuka
June 14, 2016

The Value to Japan of Fifty Years of Volunteering Abroad
June 7, 2016

Let’s discuss strategic options for Japan
---HANABUSA Masamichi
May 24, 2016

Sakura - The Symbol of Japan's Soft Power
---CHINO Keiko
May 17, 2016

Signs of strain in Russia on the Eve of the Centennial of its Revolution?
---KAWATO Akio
April 26, 2016

The Pope and the Patriarch : Overcoming the Wall of Eastern and Western Civilizations?
---UENO Kagefumi
April 22, 2016

China Facing Greater Scrutiny from the International Community
March 29, 2016

The Trump Phenomenon: Inward-looking Drive in America
--- WATANABE Yasushi
March 22, 2016

Unraveling the Riddle of the Abe Administration's High Approval Rating and Predicting the Future
--- KURASHIGE Atsuro
March 22, 2016

Changing Face of Chinese Society Go Unreported by Japanese Media
--- TAKAI Kiyoshi
March 1, 2016

The Wavering Rule of Law in Maritime Asia
--- KOTANI Tetsuo
February 25 , 2016

The Two-State Solution and Netanyahu’s Intransigence
--- HIRAYAMA Kentaro
February 16 , 2016

Can the China Shock Doom Japan to the Abyss?
--- KAWATO Akio
February 9 , 2016

Stomach and Liver Approach to World Heritage Systems
--- TORIUMI Motoki
January 29 , 2016

Comfort Women: How do we face history in earnest?
---OGURA Kizo
January 29 , 2016

High-Speed Railway Deals: Why did Japan lose in Indonesia and win in India?
---CHINO Keiko
January 28 , 2016

Lessons from Europe seeking "Perpetual Peace"
January 28 , 2016

Climate Change: What did the Paris Agreement accomplish, and what is Japan’s perspective?
---NISHIMURA Mutsuyoshi
January 22 , 2016

Revitalize Japan through "multicultural power
---MENJU Toshihiro
January 8 , 2016

U.S. soft power continues to be influential in Indonesia
---OGAWA Tadashi
January 7 , 2016

A Paradigm Shift for the Japanese Economy toward Becoming a Tourist Destination
---KIYOI Mikie
December 4 ,2015

Debating in English helps hone your power of persuasion
---NUMATA Sadaaki
October 29 , 2015

On My Mind – 70 Years after World War II
October 15 , 2015

On My Mind – 70 Years after World War II
---HANABUSA Masamichi
October 6 , 2015

On My Mind – 70 Years after World War II
---HIRAYAMA Kentaro
October 6 , 2015

On My Mind – 70 Years after World War II
---ONO Goro
Sptember 17, 2015

On My Mind – 70 Years after World War II
---ANDO Yuka
Sptember 14, 2015

On My Mind – 70 Years after World War II
---NUMATA Sadaaki
August 13, 2015

On My Mind - Seventy Years Since World War II
August 4, 2015

On My Mind - Seventy Years Since World War II
---CHINO Keiko
July 24, 2015

On My Mind - Seventy Years Since World War II
---TOMODA Seki
July 20, 2015

Reaffirming the High Road of Capitalism and Democracy --- Japans Responsibility as the Chair of the Next G7 Summit Meeting
---KAWATO Akio
July 16, 2015

Immigration deserves serious cultural ecological review.
---ONO Goro
June 16, 2015

Historical Reconciliation and the Perception Gap between Japan and Europe
May 12, 2015




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